Whether you’re an entrepreneur jumping into a leadership role, a seasoned business pro with new HR responsibilities, or just starting your HR career – we’ve got the right path to guide you through your HR hurdles.




Whether you’re an entrepreneur jumping into a leadership role, a seasoned business pro with new HR responsibilities, or just starting your HR career – we’ve got the right path to guide you through your HR hurdles.

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Leaders Journey Experience Masterclass

You're an entrepreneur, growing a team for the first time. You know you need to cover your HR bases, and lean into your leadership muscle. Leader's Journey Masterclass is the perfect path for you.
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HR SimpleStart Academy

Do you find yourself with the responsibility for HR in your company - but without any experience. Get everything you need to easily handle HR in your business. HR SimpleStart Academy will guide you through.
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HR FuturePro Academy

Welcome to the profession! Are you just embarking on your career path – with lots of book knowledge, but craving a chance to understand how to solve for the day to day challenges. HR FuturePro Academy is just the sidekick you need.
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Not sure where to begin…

Classes A la Carte

Leaders Journey Business Builder

Are you an entrepreneur, struggling with what comes next to get your service business off the ground? Check out the Business Builder - it was designed to help you with figuring out who your customer is, where to find her, how to sell without selling, how to package and deliver your service and more.

Respectful Workplace

This is NOT the anti harassment training of yesterday – not a powerpoint slide in sight! We'll tell you why the regulations are what they are, and what it really means to you and your team’s everyday experience. Take a peek behind the curtain – in an entertaining, documentary style way.

Manager 101 - Lead Like a Boss

This course is designed to help your new managers become exceptional leaders who can inspire their teams and drive results. With practical lessons and exercises, they'll learn everything they need to know to lead like a boss and take your business to the next level.

On a personal note…

In 2001, after a long corporate career in leadership roles, I set out to start an HR consultancy.  That’s the fancy term we use to describe it now, but at the time Idomeneo Enterprises was just an idea, and a business building mountain I had to climb.  Because, although running a business wasn’t my idea (someone actually had to push me into it), I became bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

And once I decided, I was all in.  Then the joy (and the pain) began in earnest.  While I had an idea of what I wanted to sell (HR services), I had no idea how to sell, or who to sell to, or what the product would actually look like, or what I needed to do to properly set up the company, or the insurance I needed, or the systems I had to put in place, or where to get a client agreement, or how to tackle the technology, or how to reach my customer, and on and on.

Finally, after much trial and error, and piecing together bits of advice from here and lessons from there, I began to get the hang of it.  I understood how the bits and pieces fit together, and I realized how much easier those early days would have been if only all that knowledge was pulled together in one place; a step by step guide that would help me move from one growth stage to the next, without having to figure it all out on my own. 

That desire for a guide, a roadmap, led to the birth of Leaders Journey Experience.  It’s the online education arm of our company, and it holds the LJE Masterclass, HR SimpleStart Academy, and HR FuturePro Academy. These programs (or paths) are designed to help you navigate the fascinating, and sometimes perplexing world of managing and growing a team.

I meticulously designed each of the learning paths to cater to your individual needs. The goal? To equip you with essential tools, insightful guidance, and boost your confidence to face any HR-related challenges that might come your way.

Whether you’re a freshly minted entrepreneur grappling with team management for the first time, a seasoned business professional finding their way through the intricacies of HR, or a new member of the profession keen on converting their academic prowess into real-world HR wisdom, the Leaders Journey Experience is all about giving you the tools, support, and confidence to tackle HR challenges head-on; and thrive.

Thanks for letting me join you on your journey!

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